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(239) 214-8222

Offering mobile and remote
services for your convenience!

(239) 214-8222

Offering mobile and remote
services for you convenience!


Computer Repair - (click here)

Computer Repair​​ is one of our core services and we have been reviving computers of all brands for over 25 years. We are the Cape Coral Computer Repair Leaders. Whether you need a simple fix such as replacing a failing hard drive on your PC, or something more involved such as a motherboard replacement, STS is at your service. Bring your system in for a free evaluation and we will provide you with a detailed estimate before any work is performed.

Virus & Malware Removal - (click here)

Viruses and other forms of malware can wreak havoc on your computer and you could lose all your precious pictures, documents, and other important information. These malicious programs can also steal your confidential information and use it to gain access your credit cards or drain your bank accounts. Our deep cleaning process will remove all traces of viruses and other unwanted software and protect your computer against future attacks.

System Optimization - (click here)

System Optimization Computers do slow down over time but our proprietary System Optimization Process can restore your computer to its peak performance. A seasoned technician will evaluate and optimize all settings, software, and other system parameters. The result is a computer you can enjoy using once again, saving you cost of buying a new computer.

Laptop Repair - (click here)

Laptops are great because of their portability but unfortunately this can result in cracked screens, broken power connectors and a multitude of other problems. Whatever ails your laptop, STS can repair or replace the broken part and get you back up and running in no time.

Training - (click here)

STS offers a wide variety of training courses ranging from simple classes that teach you how to use your new laptop, tablet or smartphone, to in-depth courses on how to use the latest business applications. We can arrange 1-on-1 training sessions or you can attend one of our standard classroom courses which offer the opportunity to learn in a group setting in our Cape Coral FL location. Either way, we will make sure you have the knowledge and confidence to fully utilize your computer and software.

Business IT Services - (click here)

With over 25 years experience in the IT industry, STS offers innovative hardware and software solutions suited for businesses of all sizes. We offer a free, comprehensive IT assessment that will evaluate your current systems and highlight opportunities for cost savings and process improvements…to read more about our IT Solutions for Businesses, click here.

Computer Setup - (click here)

Whether you purchase a new system from STS or another source, we can perform a professional computer setup to ensure that your system is easy to use and performs optimally. We will make sure your computer is protected against viruses and other threats, and can connect to the internet, printers, and any other devices you own. Get off to a good start with your new computer — let us set up the right way.

Data Recovery - (click here)

If your computer has failed and appears to have taken your data with it, don’t despair. Using powerful software and hardware tools we are able to recover data from over 90% of failed drives. If your drive has failed, power down you computer immediately minimize data-loss and bring to us. We will evaluate it and give you an estimate for retrieving your lost data.

Network Services - (click here)

STS specializes in installing, upgrading and repairing both wireless networks and wired networks. While many manufacturers claim that their WiFi products have “plug and play” simplicity, the resulting wireless network is often unsecured, which is the easiest and most likely way hackers can get access to confidential information. Let STS perform an on-site, professional network setup and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your confidential information is protected.

Smartphone Repair Cape Coral (includes all brands of tablets & smartphones - click here)

Relationships with our beloved smart devices often fall into the love/hate category. From cracked iphone screens, to malfunctioning buttons, to issues caused by software updates, the urge to hurl the device across great distances can be overwhelming! Resist that urge and bring your tablet or smartphone to us. STS will correct the issues and you’ll fall in love with your trusty device once again. Specializing in iPhone repair, HTC Repair, Samsung Galaxy Repair, LG repair, Cracked screen repairs, iPad repairs, Sony repairs.

Cloud Backup - (click here)

Cloud backup is a service that will safeguard all your important data BEFORE a ​drive failure or malicious program takes it’s toll. We offer unlimited-storage Cloud Backup plans starting at just over $50. Call or come by today to learn how this service can protect your irreplaceable photos, documents and other data.

Home Theatre - (click here)

STS can help you select, purchase and install a range of home-theatre systems to suit your needs. We can design a system for any budget and taste. Options range from a basic system that adds surround sound to your living room, to a fully fledged system that plays music throughout your home (or office) and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet computer. We service Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas.


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